This is a  valuable resource for turners

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Below are clips which I have found to be both interesting and useful

The Wyoming Woodturner

My good friend Sam Angelo has made lots of very good clips.. To go to his channel

Click Here.

The Blakemar Pipe

See here how pipes are made. I used to both sell and smoke Blakemar pipes and I knew Dick Martin quite well.  Note the interesting use of thread chaser.

For the Blakemar website

Click Here

History of Turning

Introduction to Stuart King’s DVD, I reckon a must for all turners.

To see his You Tube collection

Click Here

Bill Jones

The Compleat Turner

A superb  video of Bill Jones turning an Ivory chess castle.

Probably the only, certainly the best, video of the master at work.

Click Here

Click Here

The Unichaser

The unichaser is in effect a female chaser, sharpened top and bottom. Consequently most other female chasers can be satisfactorily adapted, should this method of chasing be your choice.If used for making boxes, whatever tpi you use will fit as male and female threads will both be made with the same tool.

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