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Question; No. 1

Over recent times I have been mastering thread chasing with the excellent help of "Screwples" DVD and "All Screwed Up" book. I have been successful with Male threads and less so with female threads when I use the armrest. I notice in your book and DVD that you have the armrest secured over your shoulder with a thong.

Question;Is the thong on the armrest an aid in control of it or is it simply so you don't loose it when it is not in use??

If the answer is the former can you give me some clues on the arrangement of its setup or point me to a reference that I can look at.

Question; No 2

What is the best way to store, turn  and cut alternatives?

Question; No 3

What is the best way to finish my work?

Question; No 4

What are the best woods to use for chasing threads?

Question; No 5

I am having some problems with my thread chasing and wonder if you can help me out?

 I was inspired to start threading by your articles in Woodturner magazine around 2004, and after much practice I did become reasonably competent. I have made all of your published puzzles (magazine and book) as well as other projects of my own design.

 In 2006 I installed a variable speed kit to my Record C L3 lathe and almost immediately began to have problems mainly relating to double and treble starts to threads. I did speak to you on the phone after this but sadly have lost my notes of the suggestions you made to me -- oops!!

 Since then, my health has been poor and I had major surgery in March 2007 which, together with other issues, has meant that I have done very little woodturning over the past couple of years. Now returning to thread chasing I find that I again have similar problems with double and treble starts to both male and female threads. Please can you give me some suggestions to follow to try to solve the problem?

I am practising on Yew heartwood soaked in sanding sealer at a diameter of 1.5"-2". Speed is indicated as 400 rpm and tools are my well-used 16 tpi chasers which were always successful before.

Question; No 6

I need advice please. I have come back to doing some threads after a bit of time off and the best I can achieve is lumpy, ill-defined grooves.

 I am sure you will say that it just takes practise, but any other words you can offer would be appreciated.

 Main problem seems to be the male thread, working inside the rim of a pot seems to be not to bad.

Question; No 7

Could you please tell me which are the 2 polishing mops you recommend. I have had a look at the website linked to yours and there are quite a few to choose from. Also which polishing compound compound to use with one of them (carnuba wax for the softer one). Thanks a lot.

Question; No 8

Why do I find chasing threads hard? When other turning tasks seem simple.

Question; No 9

from time to time I notice mention in this forum of a turning tool referred to as a 'point tool'. This is something that I'm not familiar with and certainly not something that I remember from when I used to do a bit of turning, many years ago. What's the range of tasks that the tool is used for?