This is a  valuable resource for turners

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This page is for home made carving/cutting tools.

Mostly these are made from nails or brass discs

Each can be profiled according to your need.

Some will be flat, others rounded and others with a cutting edge.

Use with great caution and lathe on high speed.

On boxwood mandrel Cutter is

60mm x  5mm.

Brass Hub Cutter

Female 1” x 8tpi thread

Thread to fit lathe

Made from an old 1/2” chisel. Ideal for inside hollowing of boxes

Three Hub Cutters

Female 1” x 8tpi thread

Threads to fit lathe

L to R; Old gear wheel.50mm x 8mm

3/16th  slotting saw.50mm x 8mm

Thick washer 35mm x 3mm

Three Hub Cutters

Slotting cutter 45mm x 1.5mm

Also known as slitting saws

Slot cutting tool

L to R; slotter made from old redundant coin.

Brass cutter

Cutter from Long rivet

Assorted cutters

Two cutters, top one ideal for “engraving” both made from 6” nails

6” nail cutters

Brass Van Dyke cutter as in

Bill Jones book.

Van Dyke cutter end view.

Cutter from 6” nail. Head removed. Ideal for cutting “pearls” around base of chess pieces.

Small round ended cutter

Brass Van Dyke cutter as in

Bill Jones book.

Van Dyke cutter top view.

Small cutters from felt roofing nail and 3/4” nail.

Small nail cutters

How to Make these

Mild steel nails and most alloys like brass can be cut to shape with HS steel lathe tools.  The teeth can then be cut with either a Dremel type cutting disc, hacksaw or a small triangular file.

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